Thompson Rivers University

I worked on: Graphic Design, User Interface, All code

I worked on this site for over 4 years, constantly working to make it better. Working with the Marketing & Communications team, I redesigned the entire site to incorporate the new TRU brand.

This included:

  • re-coding the entire site using Foundation 5
  • overhauling the UX and UI to be fully responsive while putting the students’ needs first
  • building a unified, site-wide Search header
  • integrating the TRU Newsroom – using WordPress – seamlessly with the TRU website
  • creating a look and feel that is modern, clean and flexible for many different page types
  • continuously iterating and improving on our UI and navigation

My Work

TRU Website - 2013

TRU’s website in 2013

The navigation was decent, but the search wasn’t easy to find and the entirety of the page was cluttered and lacked focus.

Some tweaks

In 2015, I worked to clean up the clutter and reduce the amount of content on the homepage.

TRU Website - 2016

Find your TRU

With the introduction of TRU’s brand, I was able to work towards a UI that was more focused on our audience – students.

TRU Search box

After writing some scripts to search the Programs and Courses, we needed a way to allow people to search the site for whatever they needed to find. To that end, I designed a one-stop search utility that lets a user search the site, the University directory, the Library, or for Courses and Programs.

As you would expect, It works just as well on tablets or mobile devices.

TRU News & Events

As the university has a team of writers creating content, we needed a way to integrate it in various places around the site.

I wrote a script that lets us customize the display of content that is pulled from our WordPress news site. This lets us filter the news for the page we want it to feed to, but customizing the category or tag feed to show, along with the number of posts, the image, the date, etc.