TRU WolfPack

I worked on: Graphic design, UI & navigation, code

I created a new look and feel for the athletics site, trying to make it more bold and interesting. To achieve that, I used large photos and banners and switched to a strong font for their text headings, prominently displaying their highly contrasting color scheme.

My Work

TRU WolfPack 2011

TRU WolfPack’s website in 2011

This needed a lot of work. It’s messy and cluttered.

TRU WolfPack 2013

TRU WolfPack’s website in 2013

This is a minor improvement, but it lacks character. The generic sports figures that bookend the site aren’t enough.

TRU WolfPack 2016

TRU WolfPack’s website in 2016

The important info is now at the top – the most recent game video is highlighted, along with a snapshot of what’s happening in their news. Scrolling beyond the fold lets you discover their upcoming game schedule and recent scores.